“With this change, Downtown and TMC are now under the same rules as the rest of the City,” said Mayor Parker. “We will still maintain a high level standard of health and safety for the public.”

The city is easing regulations to allow food trucks in Downtown Houston and the Medical Center. Mayor Annise Parker says the goal is to create a level playing field for food trucks.

“We want to remove barriers to doing business in Houston,” says Mayor Parker. “The ban on propane, which many of us have at home for our backyard grills, was outdated and prevented food trucks from having access to two key areas of Houston. This change will open up the market and allow for competition.”

According to the City, the new regulations will:

  • Limit the maximum size of a single LP-gas container to 60-pounds unless advance approval is obtained to utilize a larger tank
  • Require a barrier like a chain or rope to maintain at least three feet of separation between the public and the propane containers

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