Pi Pizza Houston logoHOUSTON, TX – Pi Pizza Truck owner Anthony Calleo offered his most passionate fans a simple deal last year. Get a Pi Pizza Truck themed tattoo from  Scorpion Studios tattoo artist Gabe Massey, and he’ll give you one slice of pizza per day for life (or $8 off a whole pie) as long as his business is open. Incredibly, 22 people took him up on the offer, so it’s back for year two.

“Two years. We’re still kicking,” Calleo muses. Once again, Massey has designed a full sheet of tattoos inspired by Pi’s menu items that will cost between $60 and $200 per tattoo. Unlike last year, Calleo is only giving people two days, Friday and Saturday, to get tatted. Scorpion isn’t taking reservations. Starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, it’s first come. First inked.

Asked about the offer’s legacy, Calleo says he gives away about one slice per week to someone with one of the tattoos. “Some of (the people) I see pretty frequently . . . Every once in awhile I get a few (in the same week).”

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