HOUSTON, TX – Food truck vendors say Houston’s budding food truck scene will benefit from visitors to the city during the week of the 2017 Super Bowl.

“There’s going to be a wide variety of vendors there serving to the public during free concerts and free events,” said Chris Chambers, marketing director of Mobile Food Unit Houston.

Mobile Food Unit Houston is comprised of a collection of food truck operators. The organization helps them navigate city laws and other logistics.

Chambers told KPRC2 he encourages budding restaurant owners to try running a food truck first.

“I think it is a safer area for somebody to get their feet wet and to get started, to really test out concepts,” Chambers said.

According to the City of Houston’s Health Department, there are 1,117 mobile food units in the city. That number includes smaller ice cream carts and trucks uses to prepare food. Trucks operating in the city must first be approved by the Health Department.

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