HOUSTON, TX – The crime happened just before 3 a.m., but the surveillance video is clear as day.

The video showed three men pull into a Southwest Houston parking lot, they’re driving an older model pickup truck and within seconds back up to a food truck that sits in front a business.

It happened on Jan. 2 in the 9600 block of Bissonnet Street. The suspects use a cutting torch to cut through the locks and chains and steal the food truck.

“About five minutes after they cut the locks and chains they hitched it to their truck and took off,” said Dee, the manager of the S.T. Lounge, the business that owned the food truck.

Dee said the food truck was black with the words “S.T. Mobile Kitchen” written on the side, it was a huge source of income for their nightclub and they’re desperately hoping it will be found.

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