HOUSTON, TX – Do you know why you never see trucks with hot food downtown? It’s because a City of Houston ordinance prohibits trucks with propane tanks from being in that area. The same goes for why there is no seating around food trucks, and really, who wants to eat standing up?


Because of these and other strange ordinances, food truck owners have banded together to form Mobile Food Unit Houston, or M.F.U. Houston for short. (Thank goodness there’s an “M” in front of that.) The newly formed organization seeks to change some of the regulations that are hampering their ability to freely conduct business. A web site has been set up at https://www.mfuhouston.com, and a press release was sent out yesterday.

The movement actually started more than two years ago as Save Our Food Trucks (see “These Men Want to Save You a Taco (Truck)” by Katherine Shilcutt from November 19th, 2010).

So, why the sudden activity now after the being so quiet all this time?”It’s been building behind the scenes,” says J.R. Cohen, founder of SLGT (Support Local Grow Together), an initiative for businesses and consumers to support and purchase local business services and products.

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