TORRANCE, CA – Thinking of joining the food truck revolution? In the May/June issue of Business Fleet, eight mobile mavericks shared their strategies for keeping their roving restaurants rolling.

Synopsized from the article, here are five quick tips for acquiring and maintaining the ultimate work vehicle:

Buy Smart: New trucks with custom interiors cost more than $100,000. Empty used step vans can be had for $10,000 and converted, but beware: Trucks tend to rack up hard miles. Leasing is an option for a standard truck setup and pre-approved permits.

Lose the Wait: Depending on design, custom truck upfits can take twice the expected build time, often six to eight months. Consider a clause in the contract with the body builder that specifies a finish date. Getting your truck approved by the health department and licensing your employees adds more layers.

Respect Your Power: The generator that powers your equipment can cost more than $7,000. Generators need frequent oil and filter changes, and tune-ups run $370. Don’t scrimp on a cheap unit — one operator went through three before going top of the line.

Secure Your Load: Food truck operators reported leaks and breaks in equipment not properly secured for highway driving. When in doubt, bolt it down! Some jurisdictions require it.

Prepare to Maintain: Calculate your preventive maintenance based on hours of operation, not miles driven. Weekly maintenance checks are a necessity, and be prepared to do some maintenance yourself.

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