no brakes bistro huntsville food truckHUNTSVILLE, AL – The Huntsville Planning Commission sent two highly discussed items back to the Planning department instead of voting on them Tuesday. This happened after more than thirty members of the public stood up to speak on the issue.

The two items were Zoning Ordinance Amendments. The first, to clarify the rules and regulations for food trucks. The second, an Urban Agriculture Amendment that would loosen the restrictions on back yard hens.

In the public hearing portion of the meeting residents were first invited to speak to  about an amendment to clarify the rules and regulations for food trucks, a growing industry in Huntsville. The two issues that came up consistently were hours of operation and distance from restaurants.

“I understand the idea here is to protect the restaurants from food trucks, but what you may not understand is that in the past several months that we have been operating, we have had restaurants and business with food serving establishments specifically ask us to come out and set up service in front of them,” said Andrew Judge, Owner of Sugar Belle Truck.


After hearing the points made by the public on both issues members of the planning commission unanimously agreed, sending both back to the planning committee for further review and clarification.

Both issues will come back to the commission for a vote after the committee reviews and edits them. They would also have to be approved by city council to go into effect.

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