MILWAUKIE, OR – The Pony Espresso food truck is an original model, and it’s been by Bruce Lindner’s side since 1994 when he started serving coffee inside it. He said he’s replaced truck-part-after-truck-part numerous times, but the truck — which he calls his trusty steed — has continued to thrive for nearly 24 years, becoming a food cart icon in an area famous for them.

“This is the oldest continuously operating food truck in town,” Lindner said, “until yesterday.”

On Wednesday morning, Lindner, after running inside his Milwaukie home for a moment, returned to see steam coming from the engine of the Pony Espresso. He popped the hood, and the influx of oxygen added to the flames hiding inside. He said the impact knocked him to the snow.

“I was throwing snowballs at the fire to try and put it out, in vain,” Lindner said. “So I ran in the house and called the fire department, and by the time they got here it was gone.”

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