SAN ANTONIO, TX – Four local food trucks are taking on the city of San Antonio in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

They are looking to change the law that restricts them from operating within 300 ft. of any brick-and-mortar restaurant.

“This is a unfair law, and it must be removed,” Ricardo Quintanilla, owner of Tacos el Regio said.

Ricardo Quintanilla makes his living by selling tacos out of his food truck.

However, the City of San Antonio does not allow food truck vendors to operate within 300 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. If they do, they face a $2,000  fine per day.

“It hurts food trucks in order to protect restaurants from competition,” attorney for the Institute for Justice Arif Panju said.

A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the city by the Institute for Justice on behalf of four food truck owners.

“That’s not only unfair. It’s unconstitutional,” said Panju.

Rafael Lopez owns the property where his food truck, El Bandera Jalisco, sits. Despite that, he’s been out of business for four months now.

A restaurant within 300 ft. will not agree to let him operate, causing him to lose out on cash.

“All I want them to do is to allow me to work. That’s all I want,” owner of El Bandera Jalisco, Rafael Lopez said.

Ricardo Quintanilla was able to get a nearby restaurant to agree to let him operate, but they charge $400 a month to keep the agreement.

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