SONOMA, CA – Getting the right insurance for a restaurant business is complicated enough, but food trucks have the added dimension of being mobile.

But as the food truck craze has evolved from “roach coaches” back in the day to gourmet trucks like Cousins Maine Lobster in Napa and the vegan Seed on the Go in Sonoma, so has the insurance industry.

Previously, owners had to string together an auto policy, general-liability policy and workers’ compensation policy in a piecemeal fashion. It can still be done that way, but it’s not advised.

“It depends on who is writing the food truck insurance,” said Peter Picetti, senior vice president at Heffernan Insurance Brokers in San Francisco. “Some companies have a program which is all-inclusive of coverages. A buyer can also buy individual insurance coverages from multiple insurance companies. The latter is not recommended; however, it is done from time to time.”

Food truck owners need to consider the truck itself, which needs to be insured for auto liability and damage, generally for about $30,000. There is also the expensive kitchen equipment, which might be insured for anywhere from $100,000–$200,000, against loss, theft or vandalism.

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