Last year the council began discussions about dropping the size of the current food truck buffer zone (200 from brick and mortar restaurants). Now it seems someone has gotten into their ears. This committee is now talking about leveling the playing field because somehow food trucks have a huge advantage over the local restaurant industry. Yeah right!

ITHACA, NY – Talks have begun to revisit Ithaca’s food truck policy.

A committee comprised of members of the city’s Board of Public Works and Common Council met Monday to reevaluate the effectiveness of the city’s current mobile vending policy. Several vendors, city officials and property owners attended the meeting at City Hall.

The policy — instituted in late 2014 — included a $1.15 per hour parking fee and restrictions on hours depending on where a truck was located. Early closing times were set for trucks in residential areas, later ones for commercialized areas. For tax and safety concerns, food truck vendors must register for a sales tax ID and are inspected annually by health and fire departments.

But new issues have arisen.

Cynthia Brock, a member of Common Council who represents the First Ward, said fees for the parking spaces food trucks occupy should be increased to level the playing field because they are competing with brick and mortar businesses.

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