It may be a day to celebrate food, but that doesn’t mean that local parking enforcement is taking things easy. A large group of food trucks which had gathered around Franklin Park as part of a K Street Food Truck Festival this afternoon were given tickets for standing in a parking space for more than two hours.

But despite at least one call for the tickets to be dismissed, the food truck operators didn’t really seem to mind. Operators like Alex Cho of Far East Grille and Jesse Sellers of the Sinplicity ice cream truck simply said that it was the cost of doing business, while James Haughery, owner of Tops American Food Company, said he simply considered the fine to be the cost of landing a good parking spot. (Some trucks, including the Hula Girl Truck and Red Hook Lobster Truck, weren’t ticketed this afternoon.)

Haughery told us that it’d be nice if the law would change, he doesn’t make a fuss — and that makes sense. There’s a huge difference between getting a parking ticket which they legally deserve — and apparently chalk up as the cost of doing business — and being hassled by police who might not necessarily have jurisdiction over the space the trucks occupy.

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