JACKSON, MI – The barbecue food truck that’s been parked at the corner of N. West Avenue and Argyle Street will not be there anymore, at least not as long as the lot is in its current state.

All American Food Wagon owner Stacey Connell has been notified by the city of Jackson that he cannot park the food truck at the site anymore because the lot, the former site of a gas station, isn’t up to code.

The lot at the southwest corner of the intersection is part asphalt and part gravel.

“It has to be paved and a solid surface,” said Chris Atkin, the city’s planning director. “Until that lot has been upgraded and brought up to code, he has to find another location.”

Atkin said there are no regulations where food trucks can and cannot park, but where they do park has to be in compliance with regulations other food distributors must follow.

The registered owner of the lot is Speedway Super America, LLC. Connell said he has permission from Huff Auto Group, which leases the property, to park there.

Connell, who has been doing business at the lot since early August, is frustrated with the situation and worried about the future of his business.

“I can’t afford to be down,” he said.

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