JACKSONVILLE, FL – More food trucks are making there way to Jacksonville, and more rules to regulate them could be coming as well. New rules proposed by the City Council could limit where the trucks can park.

Currently, food trucks that do business downtown can’t be within 50 feet of a traditional restaurant. But legislation being introduced in City Council would make that a requirement citywide, unless food truck vendors have written permission from the restaurant.

“Another hurdle,” said Gaye Kramer, owner of Rock Star Burger. “Basically, it’s hard enough to get started and to keep going. Just one more thing we’ll have to deal with.”

Councilman Reggie Brown is introducing the legislation. He said it’s only fair, because brick and mortar restaurants pay property taxes.

He said some tweaks might be added that would define whether the restaurant owner or the building landlord would have to provide the written permission.

“We are not trying to harm the food truck vendors,” Reggie Brown said. “In fact, we welcome food truck vendors. We just want to make sure we maintain a certain level of order within our community. Ninety-nine percent of the food truck vendors are doing great.”

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