How do these people get into political offices? How do you base opinions without actually looking at facts? Ms.  Walsh assumes that food trucks will force existing restaurants to close if they allow food trucks into town. It is council/commission members like this that need to be removed from office and replaced with council members that understand the mobile food industry and how it actually helps communities vendors enter.

JORDAN, MN – Food trucks are coming to town, albeit in a somewhat limited capacity. The idea was largely discussed during the May 10 meeting of the Jordan Planning Commission.

One concern aired by new member Toni Walsh was that food trucks could negatively impact Jordan’s existing restaurants.

“For me growing up and living in this town, it is so hard to have a business in this town and when you have a business you don’t want to take away from that,” Walsh said.

Walsh added that she did not want a restaurant, such as the Feed Mill, to go under because food trucks were taking away their business.

That concern was the same one discussed during the previous Planning Commission meeting in April.

How do you strike a balance between the two industries? Commission members suggested allowing each food truck to come to town for only one weekend a month, with a weekend defined as Friday-Sunday.

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