JUNEAU, AK – Every time we walk downtown, a new vendor is on the sidewalk offering mouth-watering fare that makes us reach in our pockets and dig for change. At least, it seems that way.

Food trucks and push-carts aren’t new to Juneau; some have been catering to tourists off the cruise ship docks for nearly a decade.

What’s new is their growing number. State health officials estimate the number of food trucks in the capital city has doubled in recent years. Fewer than 10 mobile food service units were registered with the state’s Food Safety and Sanitation Program a decade ago. Now, there are 22.

“It’s been increasingly popular,” Jason Wiard, a state health inspector in Juneau, said of the growing food truck trend.

“Every year there’s more and more of the mobile-style units, whether it’s a push-cart or food truck or kiosk-type set-up.”

The City and Borough of Juneau also has 11 spaces designated specifically for downtown sidewalk vendors. Of those, five are filled, and more may be coming, according to a city permitter.

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