EMPORIA, KS – The Fusion Food Truck is rolling out for their semester debut on Friday at Flint Hills Technical College.

Meal service begins at 11:15 a.m. and lunch will be served until 1 p.m. Entrees include Panini Jerk, Mobster Beef, Bulgogi and Blackened Flounder Tacos. Dessert is caramel apple dumpling.

The Fusion Food Truck was born out of Chef Brian Romano’s desire to provide students with the learning opportunities they most desired. As his students graduated, he asked them what they wished they learned at FHTC. He kept hearing one thing over and over — food truck.

“I was doing exit interviews with students and I kept hearing, ‘food truck,’” Romano said. “I’ve been watching food trucks and find them fascinating. It’s a mobile restaurant on wheels and you can do so many things, but what struck me was all the students were so interested in it.”

Romano approached the FHTC board of directors and FHTC President Dean Hollenbeck with a proposition to create a food truck curriculum at the school. No other school in the country offers food trucks as a part of a curriculum. The college saw it as a unique way to market to students.

“My understanding is there are other programs which have elective classes about food trucks, but we are the only one that includes food trucks in the curriculum,” Romano said. “It has become our best recruiting tool.”

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