KANSAS CITY, MO – Restaurants near the Power and Light District can easily double their business during the Big 12 Championship Tournament downtown, and now a group of food truck vendors want in on the action.

However, according to city code, they can’t get very close. City code specifically bans Kansas City street food venders from areas like the Power and Light District.

They also can’t operate along 13th Street between the centerline of Central, Wyandotte, Broadway and Central Southside of 14th Street.

Food trucks must remain 50 feet away from restaurants or other food establishments.

“In downtown Kansas City, there’s only one street, 13th and Oak, that is designated for food trucks. Outside of that, that’s it,” said Brandon Simpson, who has owned Jazzy B’s food truck for the past four years. “And we’re talking about one block radius and basically you can fit about five trucks on it.”

He’s a part of a food truck association in Kansas City that wants the city to expand the options where food trucks can operate.

Most of his income comes from private events.

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