HENDERSON, KY – The Henderson city commission debated revising a food truck ordinance during a work session on Tuesday.

City officials sent out 134 surveys asking businesses in the downtown area what they thought about food trucks parking around downtown.

That feedback was revealed to city commissioners on Tuesday. We learned from the data that most businesses were against allowing food trucks in front of their businesses, but were in favor of having the trucks in designated areas. Henderson’s Depot Welcome Center’s parking lot was the most popular choice revealed from the questionnaires.

The discussions put on the table during the work session stemmed from a food truck ordinance passed earlier this Fall. The problem with that initial ordinance-some community members thought-it limits times and locations for trucks to park and operate.

We’re told the city feared restaurants in the Central Business District (CBD) would run in to competition issues and limit parking.

On the flip side, Downtown Henderson Partnership and a few food truck hopefuls advocated Tuesday night for a more lenient ordinance.

“We are very pro-food truck,” Hong Kong Foodie Owner David Meyers told us. “We want to be one of the first food trucks in Henderson. We think it will allow us to go out to the people. We’re kind of land locked right now but we want to go out where the people are,” Meyers said.

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