ASHLAND, KY – Grabbing lunch in Ashland could soon be as simple as walking up to a food truck.

Vendors are hoping to hit the streets soon but right now a city ordinance prohibits anyone from selling anything on public property.

City leaders held a round table discussion Thursday morning to discuss guidelines to present to city council to possibly amend the ordinance.

Commissioner Marty Gute says the community has expressed great interest in the food trucks and says that he’s on board.

But there is concern for traditional restaurants in town.

“We want to guard against a food truck possible setting up right in front of one of our restaurants and affecting restaurants because if we do that and that business closes it’s not like it’s going to be very easy to refill that space,” Director of Economic Development, Chris Pullem told WSAZ.

If the ordinance is amended, there would be a specific distance from a restaurant that a food truck could park.

Robert Batchelor, owner of The Ambassador, already has a food truck, but right now he can only park it in private lots when permitted.

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