KITCHENER, CANADA — Downtown restaurateurs came before city council Monday night to argue that food trucks have a role to play in bringing life to the core, but that giving them free rein would harm brick-and-mortar eateries.

He pays rent, property taxes, utilities, employees and other significant costs, while food truck operators have much lower overhead and pay no property taxes, but rather a $360 licence fee.

Reiser stressed that he is not opposed to food trucks, which he said generate excitement and are here to stay. But he argued that if, as food truck operators contend, food trucks drive more traffic downtown, then they should be located in areas to attract people to quieter areas of the core, such as Victoria Park, Vogelsang Green or Speakers’ Corner.

“I’m not saying get rid of food trucks,” Reiser said. “They’re here and people are excited about them. But how can we use them to really add to the vibrancy of the downtown?”

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