KNOXVILLE, TN – Food truck fandom is about to go to the next level in Knoxville. Instead of just seeing them at festivals or special events, you’ll be able to find some of your favorite food trucks parked year round.

“Coming soon” signs are posted outside of Central Filling Station at 900 North Central Street. The Larrick family looks forward to opening Knoxville’s first year round food truck park.

“It was the old Knox-Tenn rental site. It’s been interesting. A lot of the contractors that we’ve contacted, they know about this space because of what it was and they used to use it,” said Alden Larrick.

She and her husband, Scott Larrick, moved here from Austin, Texas where they say the year round food truck park was a popular concept.

“There’s a lot of cool new stuff happening in Knoxville. So when we kind of came up with this idea, we knew that it was going to work,” added Alden.

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