There seems to be people in Knoxville that are speaking with their city council that want to keep food trucks from operating with the full backing of the law. To us it seems the council is listening. There is no acceptable reason for the council to once again delay a vote on making the city’s food truck pilot program a full time system that allows food trucks the ability to roam throughout the city.

KNOXVILLE, TN – For the second time, Knoxville City Council members have pulled a proposed ordinance on food trucks off their agenda, opting instead to hold a workshop late next month to answer lingering questions on the planned changes.

“I think part of it has to do with the fact that a number of us have different questions, and instead of taking up City Council time, it’d be a good idea to have a workshop on it,” said Vice Mayor Duane Grieve. “Hopefully, those people who had concerns, and still have concerns, will come talk to us.”

Council members were first set to take up the issue on Dec. 17, but when neighborhood leaders raised concerns about some of the changes, the city decided to hold more public forums. Afterward, officials drafted a third version of the ordinance that council members were slated to hear on a first reading Tuesday.

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