JOHNSON CITY, TN – A brand new food truck in Johnson City is finding out it is having trouble fitting in. It is not because of the food they are serving. The issue is there is no ordinance on the books in the city for mobile food trucks. 

The city tells us that could change in the next year to year and a half. 

Thursday afternoon the city and the owner of the Noli food truck, Jason Howze, met to work together on where to go from here. 

For now the city guidelines for food trucks say the mobile trucks cannot operate on public property. However they are allowed to operate on private property with the approval of the property owner.

Howze says he is looking forward to an ordinance, hopefully opening the door for other food truck vendors to join in. 

“We would like to be in the areas that make us most accessible to the public, obviously I think that’s what any business owner wants, but yes we would like to see the city open up some spaces for food trucks, not just ourselves but others that are planning on coming in as well,” said Howze. 

Johnson City’s Chief Building Official, David Jenny says it will take a while to adopt an ordinance because the city needs to do proper research, even looking at what other cities have done.

For now Howze says he is content with operating on private property and is looking forward to working with the city on this issue. 

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