As the mobile food industry expands, architects and developers are finding new ways to tap into the industry’s popularity. This latest example comes from Las Vegas where the Plaza renovated their rooftop pool area that will now include their own food truck that will be need to be lifted to the roof by crane.

LAS VEGAS, NV – After a “multimillion dollar renovation” the rooftop Pool at the Plaza will open for hotel guests and the public on July 2 at the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas.

The entire renovated pool deck encompasses about 70,000 square feet, making it one of the largest in downtown Las Vegas.

According to a statement, the new amenities include “new resort-style furnishings, a wet deck, hot tub, refurbished outdoor recreation space and its own food truck.”

In the statement, officials described the Pool at the Plaza is a “retro Palm Springs-meets classic downtown Las Vegas” outdoor space.

The renovations refurbished and redesigned the pool to include a wet deck with several lily pad daybeds. The Plaza also added a 12-person hot tub, new chaise lounge chairs, greenery, gaming, and multiple dining areas with a new bar and several food options, including the pool’s own “full-size food truck.”

A spokeswoman for the hotel said the food truck would be lifted to the roof by crane.

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