LEXINGTON, KY – The owner of a Lexington restaurant and food truck is now facing a roadblock, all because of some thieves.

And it could not have come at a worse time, she said.

Someone stole a generator that powered the food truck from Minton’s at 760. Now the restaurant is trying to figure out how to recover.

“You work so hard to get something together,” said Ashley Minton, the restaurant’s owner. “Then for somebody to think they can just come in and just kind of snatch that away is really disheartening.”

It is a serious setback for the North Limestone restaurant, one that has Minton trying to figure out the next step.

During their late-night visit, the thieves tore apart the fence behind Minton’s parked pickup truck, stealing the generator from the back of the truck. A neighbor heard the commotion and called police.

“Definitely a two-person job,” Minton said. “The generator weighs close to 300 pounds. So you’d have to really want it to go after it. It’s a beast.”

The loss comes at a bad time for the restaurant, Minton said, as they try to rebound from what turned out to be a slow winter.

“We kind of run on a shoestring budget,” she said. “And right now, where the food truck’s parked and things like that, we don’t have a lot of money lying around, so it’s really big for us.”

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