LEXINGTON, KY – Lexington city leaders are considering expanding eligible sites for locating food trucks.  Currently, the mobile food vendors are allowed only on certain public streets inside business zones.  Planning Director Chris King says the change could move food trucks into office areas.  “In the larger professional office projects like Corporate Center or Paragon Park, any of the larger ones like that, a food truck would be able to locate and serve the workers in that area as long as they were 500 feet from a residential use,” said King.

If approved by the full council, the matter would then go before the Urban County Planning Commission where a public hearing would be held.   King says food trucks won’t be in any office center parking lots by the end of the year.  “The requirements associated with the process of amending the zoning ordinance will take longer than that,” said King.  It will probably be approximately four to six months before there would be a final decision on this by the council.”

Food truck discussions have been prevalent at Lexington’s city hall the past few years.

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