According to, Mountain View, CA based LinkedIn has continued its tradition of inviting food trucks to their parking lot to help feed their hard working staff members.

LinkedIn food-truck-friday

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Someone over at LinkedIn spun one of those lunch-related ideas into something glorious for its food truck fans: an entire season of mobile food vendors for its employees to graze upon. Despite LinkedIn having opened a full-service café, when we visited their campus their roundabout was packed with people and plates.

While this is not the first case of a company inviting food trucks to offer food options for their employees, it’s just another sign that the mobile food industry is continuing its expansion into the mainstream of American living. Any business or industrial park with large employee bases can and should be inviting food trucks to make weekly trips (or more often) to their buildings. Not only does this provide an upscale culinary option for staff, but it also builds bonds with local small businesses.

You can join in on food truck discussion over at LinkedIn at our Food Truck Revolution group <here>