Austin, TX, – The brainchild of the mother-in-law/son-in-law team of Chela Stoklosa and Chris Williamson, Little Fattys blends traditional family recipes with bold, international fillings to create gorditas that are anything but conventional. Top-sellers include the Pork Me Pull Me – slow roasted pork and balsamic onion marmalade – and the Chicken Envy – shredded chicken in a green chile sauce.

“It’s been a tremendously rewarding experience starting this business with my mother-in-law,” Chris Williamson said. “We’ve been able to combine our individual cooking talents to create flavors that are truly unique. Her experience with the ingredients and processes is invaluable, while my schooling at Le Cordon Bleu has given me a fresh perspective on our dishes. It’s been fun to watch the changes we made over the past year.”

Once the recipes were set, they brought their ideas to a group of McCombs School MBAs who analyzed the business case as part of their Business Opportunity Identification class.

Chela Stoklosa talked about the support they’ve felt as small business owners, “We couldn’t have asked for more from the Austin community. Everyone from the students at McCombs to our fellow truck vendors and, most of all, our customers, has made this a great experience. When people tell me they want to start a business, I tell them to move to Austin first.”

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