Although it may make sense to protect park concessions from food truck competition, the idea that a restaurant across the street from the park needs protection is outrageous. 

LONGVIEW, TX – The Longview Parks and Recreation Advisory Board unanimously approved a recommendation Monday prohibiting food trucks in city parks.

Board member Lois Collins said the strong community objection to the issue was enough to take a “wait-and-see” approach for now.

“I would like to see how it goes with the rest of the city before we entertain allowing them in the parks,” she said.

Collins made the motion, which was voted on by board Chairman Kirk Shields and members Jeff Pierson and Mark Wesley.

Board member Stephen Alderman was absent, and Laci McRee attended the meeting but left early for a prior commitment.

The recommendation now will go back to the Mobile Food Vending Task Force before being sent to Longview City Council for consideration.

District 1 City Councilman and Mobile Food Vending Task Force chairman Ed Moore said he appreciates the feedback from the public on the issue and diligence of the board.

Moore said he believes the task force will accept the board’s recommendation, “because that was the exact reason why we turned it over to them, for their perspective on behalf of city parks.”

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