LONGVIEW, TX – Allowing vendors in city parks during league play prompted some disagreement Wednesday among members of the the Mobile Food Vending Task Force.

The task force heard subcommittee reports and talked about the next step in the process during its regular meeting, with City Council liaison Ed Moore setting the next regular meeting for 2 p.m. Dec. 14.

“Our goal at this point is to identify the many areas where we have a strong consensus on what best represents what the residents of Longview want and need, while at the same time isolating those few issues where there might be some disagreement, and bringing voices on behalf of the different perspectives so we can find a fair and practical resolution,” he said.

Cathy Cace said she was opposed to food trucks competing with concession stands at facilities such as Lear Park and Panther Park, which are volunteer-run and serve as fundraisers for nonprofit youth sports organizations.

“I know on Sundays, the concession stands are not open so there’s no conflict then, but on other days (food trucks) could take away from sales,” she said. “I don’t think this is a good idea at all, and I can’t go along with it.”

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