LOS ANGELES, CA – A new food truck is driving around Los Angeles, but this one isn’t going to create a groundbreaking menu and there won’t be a line of foodies waiting for a taste of its dishes or hipsters waiting to snap it for social media.

Instead, its goal is to be a rolling classroom that will foster a new generation of healthy eaters.

“The idea of this truck is to take the message of healthy nutrition and nutritional awareness to school age kids throughout L.A. County,” said John Echeveste, president of downtown based cultural center La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, which teamed up with PepsiCo Foundation to create “LA Troka ¡Sembrando Cultura y Nutrición!”

Spruced up by Boyle Heights artist Ernesto Yerena Montejano, the yellow, red and blue truck sports an image of a little girl with her arms spread out next to a cactus and a hummingbird.

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