LOUISVILLE, KY – Two Louisville food truck owners plan to file a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday challenging a city ordinance they say unfairly limits competition.

Troy King of Pollo food truck and Robert Martin of Red’s Comfort Food are holding a press conference at 10 a.m. to discuss the lawsuit, which calls out a city rule that prohibits food trucks and other food street vendors from selling their products within 150 feet of a similar restaurant.

“As a result, large swaths of Louisville have become ‘no-vending’ zones, where food trucks are effectively banned — even on private property — unless they obtain a restaurant’s permission to operate,” according to information provided by the food truck owners’ attorney, Rek LeCounte, a member of the Institute for Justice.

Other food truck owners that have operated in the city for the past few years said they recently started noticing “no food trucks” signs going up in prime pedestrian locations, such as the corner of Fifth and Market streets downtown.

The signs seem to contradict the city ordinance that says mobile food vendors cannot operate within 150 feet of any restaurant that offers a “main featured item or items” similar to the nearby eating establishment unless given permission by that brick-and-mortar business.

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