MADISON, WI – Madison’s Carts for Community concluded its program for the summer this week at Worthington Park on the east side, having provided an estimated 2,000 meals throughout the summer. The community meals were offered four times a week in different neighborhoods around the city.

C4C is a community meals program that serves free food from participating food carts at weekly neighborhood gatherings. Community members who showed up to the event received $5 vouchers and chose a food cart to buy from. Each food cart is guaranteed $250 dollars for the hours of the event.

The meals are subsidized by a combination of partnerships with Mentoring Positives, Brothers Aligned Coalition, Allied Community Co-op, Common Wealth Development, Healthy Food For All, Madison Parks, MSCR, neighborhood resource teams, the mayor’s office and fundraisers. The fundraised money is also used to hire community ambassadors to help spread the word about the free meals and for arts and entertainment during the meals. C4C was at Burr Oaks on Mondays, Darbo/Worthington on Tuesdays, Allied Drive on Wednesdays and Meadowood on Thursdays.

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