MADISON, WI – Last month, Dane County Deputies traveled to North Dakota to help law enforcement with protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline. A group from Madison will soon make their way to the protest site near the Standing Rock Reservation, hoping to make an impact.

For three years, David Rodrigues has been opening the doors to his food truck, Melted. For a man with a culinary degree, he brands himself as a “sandwich guy.”

He’s joined on the streets by Christine Ameigh, the owner of Slide, and Leia Boers, the owner of Leia’s Lunchbox. In a few weeks these three food truck owners will bring their talents to the pipeline protests in North Dakota.

“The front line of the protest site is a war zone,” says Rodriguez. “burning cars, people being shot with rubber bullets. It is definitely a dangerous place to be at the protest site.”

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