DENVER, CO – Don’t bogart that pork, my friend.

You’ll need to travel to Colorado if you want to sample that pulled pork sandwich, there at the world’s first self-described “marijuana-infused food truck.”

It’s not the truck that’s infused, but rather it’s the pulled pork sandwich, and the sunbutter-and-jelly sandwich, the Bin Mi pork sandwich, the cheese sandwich and the not-just-tomato soup.

Having debuted at the recent Cannabis Cup in Denver, the “ presents The Food Truck” is a former 40-foot Freightliner C2 school bus that can be found at marijuana-friendly venues.

“We are trying to create the most unique and delicious culinary experience in the world,” said Magical Butter founder and CEO Garyn Angel.

Magical Butter is a Seattle-based company that produces a machine that transforms raw cannabis into a substance that can then added to food or beverages, thus eliminating the need to smoke marijuana.

Simply put, it’s a high-tech pot-crock, and it’s for sale wherever the bus-truck goes.

According to a Magical Butter release on Thursday, the foodstuffs available from the truck range in potency from 30-100 mg of THC, the herb’s active ingredient.

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