AUGUSTA, ME – State officials have put a proposal to bring food trucks to the state’s east side campus, where there are about 750 workers but few dining options, on the back burner after getting only two responses from food truck operators.

The state sought quotes for mobile food truck services to provide dining options outside its complex of offices on the former grounds of Augusta Mental Health Institute on the east side of the Kennebec River in November. However, the request for quotes only brought two proposals, so a state official said Friday they plan to shelve the plan for now and start again in the spring, when they hope to get more interest from food truck operators.

David Heidrich, spokesman for the state Department of Administrative and Financial Services, said the state learned through the recently completed process that most food truck operations shut down for the winter, and thus may not be on the lookout for work this time of year.

“In a perfect world we would intend to launch this effort immediately,” Heidrich said of bringing food trucks to the east side campus. “It’s likely that we will look to launch this effort again in spring 2018, when we could launch this service with a more robust lineup of options.”

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