So it seems as though food trucks around the world have the same issues. This story of a struggling food truck vendor comes from Malaysia, but if you change the location, it could be almost anywhere. We’ll keep an eye on this story to see how this vendor is able to get food trucks regulated in the Malaysian state of Kuching.

KUCHING, MALAYSIA – Hipsters are invading the Sarawak consumer market and these young entrepreneurs are jumping into the food truck business.

Offering gourmet food from trucks decorated with doodles, graffiti and brand names which capture the imagination, their presence in the cities is to be lauded but is also a bane to some traditional business owners.

Despite being loud and serving food on wheels, the business owners are still struggling to keep up with the new concept over this side of the country.

“We just got our first summons for illegal operation,” said Noms on Street founder Kelvin Chong.

Nom on Street is one of the well-known food truck brand over South City and Chong said at the moment they were operating in the gray area of the council laws.

We tried to get proper licences, but the council told us that the state does not have such provisions,” said Chong when met by The Rakyat Post.

Chong aims to set up a food truck association in the state by bringing all food truck operators in the state under one governing body.

“There us four operators in Sibu and three others in Miri. I feel that to start this new concept, we have to work together with all parties, because this business is still at its infant stage,” said Chong.

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