MARQUETTE, MI – Food Trucks are becoming more popular in the city of Marquette, and the owners would like to see a change in the city’s ordinance. Dia De Los Tacos has been serving Mexican cuisine for two years now and Senors Taco Truck has recently joined them in the city. The current city ordinance does not allow the trucks to sell on the streets or in public places. The owners of the food trucks have been contacting private businesses to set up at during the week.

The city looks to the Marquette Downtown Development Authority, who represents many of the restaurants within city limits, for guidance. Food Truck operators would like to see a change that would allow them more access within the city, although they say the don’t want to compete with brick and mortar restaurants.

“We want to stay away from competing with restaurants, it’s not something that we can really do; you’re never going to go to a food truck if you want that sit-down experience and we totally understand that,” said Dia De Los Tacos Co-Owner Teri Lynn Walker. “We would like to be on the street because I think it would leave us with more options in terms of where to serve and who to reach.”

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