FITCHBURG, MA – To get more food trucks rolling into town, city officials are looking to change the ordinances regulating them.

“We want to become a lot more user-friendly when it comes to food trucks,” Mayor Stephen DiNatale said.

The Planning Board will discuss several proposed amendments to city ordinances Thursday that would make the application process for food trucks less expensive and more “streamlined,” according to City Solicitor Vincent Pusateri.

Under current laws, food truck applicants must request a variance or special permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals. These requests carry a $300 fee and board approval, including a public hearing, can take months, Pusateri said.

The proposed change removes the zoning process and allows food trucks to operate anywhere in the city, according to Pusateri. He said he expects the amendment will be rewritten to exclude some areas, such as residential districts, before City Council votes on the final version.

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