MEMPHIS, TN – After less than a year in operation, the Memphis Food Truck Park will close “indefinitely” on Monday, the owners said in a post on the business’s Facebook page.

The park opened in January at 3803 Winchester, in the heart of the warehousing, distribution and industrial hub east of Memphis International Airport.

Aren Investments owner Igal Elfezouaty converted a former gas station at the southeast corner of Winchester and Old Getwell. The fenced-in park had space for 13 trucks, including electrical hookups for each, 20 picnic tables with shade, free WiFi and a sound system.

Elfezouaty said he bought the property with the intent of ridding it of blight, as it was located across the street from another of his investments. What to do with it became the second question. He’d wanted to avoid another used car lot, and had seen food truck parks become popular in other cities.

“I just don’t think we have the time to nurture it,” Elfezouaty said.

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