MESILLA, NM – Owners of businesses surrounding Mesilla’s plaza have asked officials to move future Food Truck Fiestas from the town’s center.

“I have nothing at all against food trucks, but I also believe there is a time and place for them,” said Tom Hutchinson, owner of La Posta Restaurant.

Jerry Harrell, general manager of Double Eagle Restaurant, said the two Food Truck Fiestas already held at the plaza have caused traffic congestion and hampered the ability for customers to find parking.The most recent Food Truck Fiesta in Mesillawas Nov. 16, according to the event’s Facebook page. Mesilla Mayor Nora Barraza said the Food Truck Fiestas at the plaza are conducted about every three months.

She added Food Truck Fiestas will continue at the plaza, but couldn’t say when future events will be scheduled.

Hutchinson, Harrell, and Linda Jackson, owner of The Chocolate Lady, expressed reservations about the Food Truck Fiestas on the plaza at Monday’s Mesilla board of trustees meeting. They went to the meeting with hopes the trustees might consider relocating future fiestas to a parking lot at Mesilla Town Hall, 2231 Avenida de Mesilla.

Barraza said moving the Food Truck Fiesta isn’t likely.

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