The simple response to this story is…IT’S ABOUT TIME! We hope this helps other cities understand to actually do their due diligence before implementing regulations that keep food truck vendors away.

SOUTH LYON, MI – After many complaints from the community and contentious conversation, the South Lyon City Council Monday suspended the provisions of the mobile food ordinance on private property.

Councilman Joe Ryzyi, who asked that the item be placed back on the agenda, referred to the original ordinance passed unanimously by council a few months ago as a “garbage ordinance.”

In trying to develop regulations, the council members said they later learned that the State of Michigan already has stringent requirements in place for these types of food trucks.

Ryzyi said that he was “embarrassed” that the city had not researched enough how other local cities handle food trucks on private property. “I was told that it was based on other cities, but it was not the case,” Ryzyi said.

The city has taken flack for the ordinance which some, especially food vendors, say is too restrictive. They maintain that nothing comparable exists in other metro Detroit communities they serve.

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