MILWAUKEE, WI – A brand new food truck concept hopes to offer opportunities for entrepreneurial food lovers to test out their unique food ideas.

Link Up Foodie was founded by Michelle Burt, a woman whose background is more corporate than culinary, but whose passion for delicious food began as a young girl when she spent time baking in the kitchen with her mother.

“I married young and had three children,” Burt says. “Two of them grew up with juvenile diabetes. So, eating on time, eating often, and providing meals that were hearty – it was not only a challenge, but a mission. As a result, diet became very important. So, I honed my culinary skills at home. I still cook at least six or seven times a week.”

Burt received her degree in management from Cardinal Stritch University and launched her corporate career in IT. After many years functioning as liaison between technology and end-users, she transitioned into IT consulting before starting her own business doing background checks for Fortune 500 companies.

“I merged that business in May 2013 and decided to pursue my passion in food,” Burt says. “So much of what we have to do in business is removed from the passion. So, I want to take the skills that I’ve learned, my business acumen, and help others to realize their dreams.”

In a nutshell, Burt says, Link Up Foodie about making connections between the community, foodies and farmers.

“We want to leverage our passion into a successful business,” she says. “Foodies have such a passion with what they do, and a lot of the time when they want to market their products, they have a lack of resources – or a lack of knowledge around the marketing. So, we want to provide a platform for that.”

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