MILWAUKEE, WI – Food trucks would be banned from virtually every major thoroughfare and intersection in the 11th Aldermanic District, under a measure approved Thursday by the Common Council’s Public Safety Committee.

The ban was proposed by Ald. Joe Dudzik, who represents the south side district. The district includes western portions of Oklahoma, Morgan and Forest Home avenues and southern portions of 27th, 35th, 61st and 92nd streets.

Portions of Howard Ave. would be exempt from the ban.

The measure requires final approval by the Common Council.

The ban would include not only food trucks and other businesses that sell from parked vehicles, but also food carts and other vendors selling from sidewalks.

Dudzik said the issue is one of safety. In the wrong spot, he said, food vendors pose a risk to pedestrians and to traffic.

“In the right place,” he said, “they are a great asset. Cathedral Square is different from Oklahoma Avenue.”

Steve Perlstein, co-owner of Simmer Milwaukee, called the measure “an unnecessary infringement on small business.”

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