ST. PAUL, MN – A trip through the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport could start to feel like a vacation itself if plans come together for some new features including a food truck-themed food court.

The airport also is planning to add a craft cocktail bar and music venue, according to the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

It comes as the airport goes through a major changeover in its retail and concessions, with 15 spaces coming open for tenants this year in Terminal 1.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission is considering responses to a request for proposals it issued and plans to vote on recommendations Aug. 17.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking this “food court” will do anything but tap into the food truck theme. With major concessions in charge of filling the spaces, you can bet very few if any “real” food truck restaurants will be part of this little venture.

We’d be happily surprised if we are proven wrong, but we’ll see.