MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The food trucks typically lining downtown Minneapolis streets for the lunch crowd have mostly closed up shop now that colder weather has arrived. But city health inspectors might still be out there looking for them.

As many diners know, finding a specific food truck is a crapshoot even at the height of summer. Sometimes, inspectors have a hard time finding them, too.

As a result, about one-quarter of licensed food trucks in Minneapolis haven’t been getting an annual inspection from the city’s Health Department.

Of the 95 food trucks licensed to operate in Minneapolis two years ago, at least 29 percent were not inspected that year. Last year, there were more trucks and 25 percent went without inspection, according to a Star Tribune analysis of inspections data provided by the city.

Inspectors find and inspect most food trucks during the peak months of spring and summer by showing up at popular downtown food truck groupings, festivals and farmers markets, and then inspecting any food trucks they find.

Near the end of August, inspectors start looking for specific trucks they haven’t yet inspected.

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