A La Plancha Food Truck Minneapolis

Image from Facebook

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A new Twin Cities food truck gets its fuel from the fryer.

Anna Peterson’s food truck, A La Plancha, runs on used vegetable oil from the deep fryer. The biodiesel-powered truck started serving its Guatemalan-inspired cuisine at Marquette Avenue and 10th Street during the last week of July.

A La Plancha sells tortas ($7), summer gazpacho ($3.50) and a slow-roasted cubano pork sandwich ($9.50).

Peterson opted for biodiesel to shrink her carbon footprint. She bought the truck for $20,000 from a farmer who had already rigged the diesel engine to run on vegetable oil. The conversion would normally cost up to $7,000.

Peterson uses old blue jeans to filter the used vegetable oil.

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