SHAKOPEE, MN – With several food trucks looking to do business in town, the Shakopee City Council last week adopted a new ordinance to better regulate this growing part of the local economy.

Shakopee police Sgt. Jason Arras spearheaded the ordinance project over the last few months to create something “applicable for Shakopee,” he said at the June 2 City Council meeting.

Shakopee’s ordinance is based on state code. It allows licensed food trucks to operate in Shakopee from April to October, as sanitary and safety issues rise in food trucks as the temperatures drop. Food trucks have to register with the city, stating which locations they will serve from, and each food truck can park at any one private property location in the city for no more than 21 days per year.

“The idea is that these are mobile food units. You’re not mobile if you’re in one place all the time,” Arras said.

The ordinance allows local food truck operators to get a temporary seven-day license for free, or a full year license. The seven-day license is a good option for food trucks coming to an event like Derby Days, Arras said.

By putting a level of local regulation in Shakopee, the Police Department can step in on issues of enforcement even when the state can’t.

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