ELK RIVER, MN – Should food trucks and trailers be permitted in Elk River? If so, where should they be allowed? When should they be open?

These are some of the questions raised by city officials and local business owners over the past few months as the city staff members gather input for the food truck regulations they are putting together.

The ordinance would establish a city licensing process for vendors who sell food out of trucks or trailers, times when they would be allowed to operate and establish zones where those trucks and trailers would be allowed. So far, vendors would have to have a license through the departments of health or agriculture to operate a food truck or trailer, undergo background investigations, meet local fire codes and have a yearly inspection, and follow Elk River’s signage regulations. The ordinance would not affect city-permitted special events or events held on private property.

But the ordinance isn’t done. City staff are still looking for feedback from business owners. City clerk Tina Allard said residents asked about food truck regulations through a citywide survey done through social media earlier this year.

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